The Story Behind SammyDress

“SammyDress for less” is a slogan that captures perfectly the Chinese company’s essence: SammyDress is a global online fashion retail company whose mission is to bring fashion to all people, without regard to their financial background. Because being fashionable and caring for your look is not only about big brands, but also about the experience of making conscious decisions based upon certain stylistic principles. It’s about finding your own style, one that makes you stand out from the crowd – and the crowd is rarely the red carpet for the majority of the world, so it’s not only big brands who make fashion. Let’s find out how SammyDress is fulfilling its mission. The company’s online marketing manager has helped us enormously in our quest.

What Customers See

sammydress-watchWhen visiting for the first time, customers are instantly stunned by the plethora of women’s and men’s dresses, bags, jewellery, shoes, hair, watches, beauty, home and garden, kids’ items on display. There are altogether about 200,000 different items, and this number grows by the day. Just in the shoes section, for example, at present you can choose from about 2,500 different models. However, your certainly needn’t browse through all of them to find the pair that is most suitable for you, as the filters of colour, size, price, type reduce the offers to a manageable quantity. Websites ordinarily provide more purchase options to customers than offline stores, but excels even among them. And the number of options you have is of key importance when you decide to find your own style…

sammydress-jeansThe other conspicuous thing of course is the low price. Where else could you find a pair of jeans for less than $15, a shoulder bag for less than $10 or a leather-banded modern watch for less than $5? As SammyDress explains, the fact that they can provide high quality products at low factory prices can be put down to extensive and strong relationships that have been developed with manufacturers all over the world. Furthermore, SammyDress runs many promotions to make their items even more attractive in the eyes of customers – the regular sales and also occasional clearances or heavy discounts on certain categories or items. In addition, there are promotions that are available solely via coupon sites like snip snip.

sammydress-bagBy this active marketing activity SammyDress makes sure that low-to-middle income customers always find the store’s items the best choice due to their practicality and good value for money. It is not rare that the shop runs “the more you spend, the more you save”-type campaigns that are aimed at channelling expenses. It’s also favourable for customers as delivery is not free for lower value purchases.

Stylish Fashion for All

SammyDress’s promise – to get the sensation of wearing new and stylish clothes – is for all the world, and people everywhere can choose their most favoured shipping service. A dedicated and well-trained customer service team is available 24/7 to answer all questions and solve all issues through an online conversation – should any of these occur.

What Is Behind the Scenes

SammyDress logoTo manage such a huge website that is available for customers using 17 different currencies, to have a separate site optimised for mobile phones (and needless to say, an app) is an enormous task and requires a concerted effort of many professionals. It seems they can keep the situation under control, as SammyDress is determined to strengthen its presence in many countries and plans to expand to new markets in the future. They would like to bring affordable fashion to as many people as possible all over the world – presumably more and more people will get to know the nice flowery logo of SammyDress.

April 30, 2016


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