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NatureBee logo Bee pollen has been heavily used in medicine since the age of the Egyptian pharaohs, and now many scientific studies evidence its benevolent effect on skin, weight issues and physical stamina. The form this super-food is consumed however has evolved with time, and NatureBee products represent the most advanced phase in the line. Scientists attest that breaking the pollen cells' wall extricates the valuable components and thus they become more potent and bio-available for humans. This potentiated bee pollen can be used either internally – in the form of capsules and chewables – or externally, and a full line of natural products are prepared on its basis from soap to face lift cream. At as many as 40 different bee pollen products are all available.
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NatureBee Potentiated Bee Pollen is a vitamin capsule that is like super food. It has all the 22 essentials a human body needs, miniaturized into a small capsule. NatureBee now presents a package of P
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Month by month, offers a selection of products at a discounted price or in a moderately priced pack.
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