A Peculiar Gift to Her for Mother’s Day


We’re approaching May 8th, when the majority of countries celebrate Mother’s Day. Or to put it more properly, not countries, but individuals celebrate this day: this is not about mothers in general but about THE mother of every individual. Although the cult of the mother-figure had been present in ancient cultures, probably due to its personal and deeply felt nature, it found its way quite slowly into calendars, becoming a red-letter-day only in the early 20th century. In Australia, many people give a carnation to their mothers (the Latin name for it is chrysanthemum, ending similarly as the word ‘Mum’), but apart from this, there are no ‘guidelines’ as to how to observe this day, which allows for a purely personal approach.

What to Consider When Choosing a Gift

Do away this year with ready-made solutions like greeting cards and chocolates and use the days preceding May 8th to think about your Mother and about your relationship with her, as well as about ways you could make her happy.

What are the characteristics you like most in her? What are the most precious moments you’ve shared? What did you do as a child to please her? What are her hobbies and everyday activities now when you (and perhaps your siblings) have grown into an adult – or, if your are still very young, what is she most keen on doing? If you ruminate about these, you might easily remember something concrete (a book she mentioned lately, a film she asked you about) that would make a great gift. The best choice might prove to go out for a program together – have lunch in a chic restaurant, buy tickets for a theatrical performance or for a show. But if you’d like to give something that is a reminiscent of the act of celebration as well, you could consider gift options like a good book, a nice dress, some exclusive cosmetics or a home décor item. In the followings you’ll see the latest offers and exclusive opportunities in these product categories.

Some Ideas to Start With

PillowTalk.com.auIs your mom proud of her home for the atmosphere it emanates? Then she might be happy if you present her with a vase, a tea light holder or a fluorescent votive. You can find them in many sizes and colors at PillowTalk.com.au.

FACECARE_Pt_MoisturizesThere is one thing that is well received by women of all ages and background, and that’s natural de luxe cosmetics due to their supreme fragrance coupled with high efficiency and reserved, modern packaging. At L’Occitane.com you’ll find a whole plethora of superb cosmetics for each skin type and for all occasions. Every cosmetic is a perfume in itself, so make your selection carefully! When you order at the website, you can request a highly elegant gift packaging free of charge.

If you mom happens to have a bulkier stature, she might find it difficult to purchase clothes – and she would be greatly relieved if someone had put this problem off her shoulder. You certainly know her favourite colours and styles, so it wouldn’t take 10 minutes to single out items for her wardrobe on fashion sites like YourClothes.com, that offer a wide range of fashionable items in which she will feel most at ease.

But don’t forget: the most important is be sensitive to her needs, and give something that really expresses your love for her.

May 7, 2016


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