Kitchen Tips to Keep Warm

Hot soup in wintertime

When the weather outside is not too benign and does not allow for our usual outdoors activities, huddling ourselves up in a cosy armchair with a cup of hot tea and a tablet is an excellent way to escape from the realm of cold, wind and smother. Besides, cooking at home is never as rewarding as at such times, when our sensory organs are on a diet, and even a modicum of warm, taste and scent can bring a great pleasure.

If you make up your mind to cook something for yourself, for the family, or plan to invite friends, do focus on dishes that fit the season. Optimally, these are sustaining, rich in protein and vitamins and of course very very tasty, seasoned by the season’s flavourings. It’s not the time when your weight should be your primary concern – you don’t have to undress as often as in summer in public, anyway. But this does not mean you should eat whatever you get hold of, no matter how grassy or starchy it is, but try to hit a healthy balance between the nutritional and the recreational value of a dish. The surest way of this is to prepare your meals at home, using carefully selected recipes and kitchen tools. In the followings, we’ll give some ideas that you might find useful.

Soups to Warm up the Stomach

multifunctional-soup-makerPerhaps the most favourite soups for winter are potato and crispy bacon soup and roasted pumpkin soup. A first one by contains onions, garlic, potato as veggies, and this is complemented by thinly sliced streaky bacon to make a delicious and substantial soup. For the roasted pumpkin soup, you’ll have to roast the pumpkin in the oven, than place it in a heated and seasoned condensed soup and mix them. Preparing the soups seems fairly time-consuming, but the process can be accelerated by a multifunctional soup maker that cooks all ingredients and blends them to the required consistency. It might not do all phases of cooking instead of you (e.g. it cannot roast the pumpkin) but despite this it can be a valuable kitchen ancillary.

Stews to Energize

CROCKWhat could be better for a cold evening than a bowl of stew? Whether you prefer chicken, beef, lamb or seafood as base, you can’t spoil it if you attend to applying the right condiments: marjoram or thyme for a beef or a lamb stew, pepper and parsley for a chicken stew.

Although many housewives are against cooking complete meals in the microwave, it can always be a quick solution, and if you use an appropriate cooker (for example the Ceramic Microwave Crock Pot that helps the meal stay moist during the cooking process, it won’t get dry and tasteless by the end.

Pastas and Pies to Calm the Mind

Fans of pastas may thoroughly enjoy their stock favourites and explore new variants with the help of the 2,500+ recipes by – you’ll find everything from roast prawn and tomato spaghetti to chilli, zucchini and lemon pasta. If you are a real gourmet, you can experiment with preparing the pasta needed for the dishes yourself: a pasta machine is able to create any type you can think of, not only spaghetti but fettuccine, ravioli and lasagne, too, and all in the required thickness. Once you obtain this easy-to-clean stainless steel device, it will probably be your aid in the kitchen for a long time.

COKLAIf up to this you’ve been held back from cooking your meals because you didn’t find the right place for the gadget you use to check the recipe, you can give a sigh of relief now: the recently invented kitchen table stand keeps your mobile or tablet secure and in an easy to read position. So the last obstacle is gone, you can start collecting recipes you’d like to use this week-end!

May 21, 2016


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