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Chances are the name trivago doesn’t immediately ring a bell, but for many avid European travellers it has quickly become a favoured website. trivago is a hotel price comparison site that lets you compare prices at hotels all around the world from some of the most popular booking sites including, and Expedia among others.

Because the site is capable of presenting you with all of the sharpest rates from these sites, you’re always certain that you’re getting the best deal on whichever hotel you want to book. The site is super easy and fast to use, and offers you all of the most important information about hotels along with ratings from the biggest hotel review sites. By using the different filters, you have the chance to find a unique dream hotel with just a few mouse clicks or finger taps.

trivago is now set to conquer the hearts of Aussie travellers, which made us curious to find out more about this company run by a super international team of globetrotters and internet aficionados. Australian expat Bianca Delbao is one of the people making trivago a household name in Australia and New Zeeland and was so kind to introduce the website through an interview with us.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and what you do at trivago?

Bianca Delbao from trivagoI grew up in a place called Wollongong, a rather small beachside city south of Sydney in Australia. After University I felt like a change of scenery and moved to Germany, now I am working at trivago in the Düsseldorf headquarters. I manage all Public Relations matters for Australia. My main goal of my job at the moment is to build brand awareness of trivago in Australia to make it as reputable as it is in Europe, and so Australians can get their hands on the great hotel deals like the rest of the world does.

What makes trivago the best hotel comparison site?

I would say it is the best hotel comparison site because it is the most transparent site. We display as many hotels and partners as we possibly can, from the large international booking sites to the local partners and even some prices direct from the hotels. Right now we have over 720,000 hotels and over 200 partner booking sites, making us the largest of our kind in the world. Our aim is to give our users the opportunity to view a comprehensive range of hotels and prices available to suit their specific needs.

Does your site also take special, limited time only deals by booking sites into account in price comparisons?

The rates we receive from the booking sites will be displayed on our site. So if they are offering any kind of special or limited time only deal, our rates will also reflect this. The rates displayed are regularly updated in line with the booking sites and as such will reflect current prices that they advertise.

Is your site also suitable for planning international trips?

Of course it is! You can book a hotel pretty much anywhere in the world! If you would like to be close to any specific attraction, monument or area, our filters are able to show the hotels in closest proximity.

How can travellers find truly unique hotels through your site?

Our hotels are initially sorted by popularity. For truly unique hotels I would recommend reading our blog. We constantly seek unique hotels in multiple areas and compile top tens such as top cube shaped hotels, unusual hotels, hotels where movies were filmed etc. These are always displayed on our blog and can give you some ideas for amazing places to stay.

Why should we create an account when searching for hotels through your site? don’t have to create an account when using the site, you are free to use it as you please without signing up. The perks of creating an account however is that you are able to customise your search, access your saved filters and see your browsing history. If you would like to become even more involved with the trivago community you are able to write reviews, write hotel descriptions, and add images of hotels you have stayed in etc. You can also receive miles for doing so, which can then be converted into money (a way to get something in return for your last trip!).

Which tips to save on trips do you have, other than using trivago of course?

My biggest tip is to take initiative and plan trips entirely yourself, this is of course if you feel confident to do so. The money you can save in booking and planning everything yourself compared to leaving it to a tour company or travel agent is astronomical. There are now enough sites like trivago and similar sites for other aspects of travel like flights and tours that do all of the research and hard work for you, all you need to do is click.

View over Lisbon

What is your personal favourite travel destination?

My favourite destination would be Lisbon in Portugal. I was there for the first time about three weeks ago, the people are some of the friendliest I have ever met, the city has a really unique look and let’s not forget about the delicious Portuguese tarts!

Which websites do you like to do your shopping on?

I miss a lot of the clothes from home to be honest, so a lot of the time my online shopping is spent on Australian clothing sites such as Market HQ, Princess Polly, these sites in particular show a mix of great Australian brands for great prices.

How is working at trivago like?

Working at trivago has been my most loved job yet! A large number of us are based here in the headquarters from each of our operating platforms, meaning we are around 40 different nationalities every day. It is a really young and international team who all have the passion to travel. The trivago office is definitely another highlight of the job, it has a really fun and unique design with pool tables, kicker tables, game consoles and even a rock climbing gym! Once a year our company takes us on a small getaway, but the destination is a surprise and you don’t actually know where you are going until you land. Our last trip was actually last weekend in Sardinia. Another thing that really benefits me is that trivago offers German lessons for employees to help with the day-to-day life here in Düsseldorf, something that very much comes in handy.

Kicker match at trivago's headquarters in Düsseldorf

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

If you would like any travel ideas, advice or help you are welcome to follow myself or trivago on twitter (@BiancaDelbao and @trivago), Instagram (@biancadelbao and @trivago) and Pinterest. We are always more than happy to chat.

To save even extra on your hotel bookings using trivago, make sure to look through our hotel coupons featuring deals from Expedia, ZUJI and other booking websites.

October 8, 2013


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