Interview with CrackaWines CEO and Founder Dean

CrackaWines logoCrackaWines is Australia’s biggest wine site with a mission to make buying wine online easy and cheaper for the consumer and at the same time more advantageous for the wineries. By cutting out middlemen and allowing wine producers to sell directly to their customers, CrackaWines is helping the wine industry survive in difficult times while providing its customers with a remarkable collection of great and affordable wines. The wine auctions, daily deals and numerous other promotions are just a few more reasons to check our CrackaWines coupons section regularly, and to subscribe to their newsletter.

Dean, the company’s CEO, was so kind to let us interview him about his company, the latest wine trends and tips to save further on your online wine purchases.

Can you introduce yourself and CrackaWines?

I’m Dean Taylor, the CEO and Founder of – Australia’s LARGEST wine site. I’ve been involved in the wine industry for most of my life – initially working in bottle shops and wine bars to pay my way through uni, then later on through building a number of my own businesses. So far I’ve been extremely lucky – and all of them have been very successful. is my 5th and biggest venture by far. It’s still early days, and has a long way to go – but it’s definitely headed in the right direction.

Dean Taylor from CrackaWines

Why did you decide to start

The Australian wine industry is facing a crisis. The combination of a global wine glut, high Aussie dollar and increasing competition from imported wine has made trading conditions very difficult. At the same time, the two major retailers (Coles and Woolies) who control over 70% of the market, have been exploiting these conditions for their own benefit. As a result over 60% of the industry currently operates at a loss. was established to try and help winemakers – by providing a platform that allows them to sell directly to consumers. By going direct (avoiding the middleman) consumers get better prices and the wineries make more. It’s a WIN / WIN solution.

How do your auctions work?

Cracka’s ‘Falling Price Auctions’ are very different and much more fun than traditional auctions. The price of each wine starts at its RRP. Once the auction starts, the price begins to fall. Customers can purchase the wine at any time by simply accepting the price shown on the screen. The longer they wait, the cheaper it gets. However if they wait too long all the wine can be sold and they miss out altogether. Fortunately, there are normally 20-100 cases of each wine, so most people have a good chance of snagging a bargain.

Why should we shop for wines online at CrackaWines?

Firstly, we have the biggest range (catering for all tastes and budgets) – so you’re spoilt for choice. Secondly, we provide extensive information about each wine including all the leading experts reviews – making it easy to decide what to buy. Thirdly, our prices are very competitive (often the best in market) and we deliver them to your door – saving you time and effort as well as money. Lastly, but not least – because by buying through us you’re actually supporting the winemakers and not the greedy supermarkets.

Which types of deals and special promotions do you typically run? For those looking for the best bargains, our daily newsletter is a must. In it we list our Daily Deals – which are often discounted up to 70% off RRP. From time to time we also get offered great deals, but we’re not allowed to publish the prices on them. These are typically sold via our phone sales team. To get onto that list, you simply need to let us know. There are some unbelievably good wines sold at unbelievable prices that way.

How come you are able to offer your products at such low prices?

It all comes back to our model, connecting buyers directly with the winemakers. When you take the middlemen and greedy supermarkets (who between them expect up to 60% of the profit) there’s a lot you can give back to the consumer.

How do you keep up with the latest popular wines and trends?

Mostly by listening to our customers. If they ask for something we don’t have, then we do what we can to add it to our range.

If you have to suggest three wines that offer great value for money, which ones would it be?

What is your current personal favourite bottle?

2011 Phi Single Vineyard Pinot NoirPinot Noir is my favourite variety. One that recently caught my eye was the 2011 Phi Single Vineyard Pinot Noir. James Halliday gave it 96 points and named it ‘One of the most successful pinot noirs made in 2011’. It’s normally $55/bottle (so not cheap) but a great wine to spoil yourself with. You didn’t hear it from me – but use the special voucher code and it’s yours for about $30/bottle.

Which other websites, online stores do you guys like?

I think that Kogan has done an amazing job. and are also great sites.

What do you have in store for the near future?

We’ve just released a DIY Mixed Case module, which allows customers to make up their own mixed cases from a selection of about 30 wines. We’ve also got an amazing app under development – it’s going to be the “Shazam for wine”. Watch this space!

Many thanks to Dean for taking the time to do this interview with us!

March 25, 2014


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