Cool Gardens in Cold Weather

Garden in frosty winter timeAlthough this year we haven’t experienced yet the frosty fingers of winter, the calendar warns us that Boreas the God of Winter is on his way. We can hide into our well-heated house, but the little living beings outside in the garden have nowhere to go – they stand in need of our special care that prepares them for the tough era.

1. The Lawn

winter-lawn-careLet’s start with things you should do with your lawn to prevent damages. Although lawns generally go dormant during winter, their proper maintenance in this season is a necessity for their healthy active life next spring. Before winter hits, fertilise the lawn on a monthly basis to provide all the nutrients the grass are avid of. Mowing the lawn regularly remains a must, and if you raise the height of the machine to let blades grow higher, the lawn will enjoy more sunlight and frost cannot hit it. If your machine is not in a perfect condition, find the necessary replacement parts for it at Big Red Tool Box. Aerating the lawn regularly is of vital importance, too, and can be performed by special tools, or just by walking on it in spiky or high-healed shoes.

2. Your Plants

As to your plants, the number one thing to do is to weed and till them thoroughly, then cover them with mulch – even a thick layer will protect them from tough weather. Plants that cannot bear frost at all (tropical plants, for example), should be moved into the house, otherwise – if it’s not possible for some reason – it’s advisable to construct a frame around them that can be covered by plastic sacks for the nights.

3. The Trees

Saw for heavy work in the gardenIf you have shrubs or trees, it’s ideal to get them in shape now as it’s easier to remove or prune dead or invasive parts when they are bare. To accomplish this heavy duty, you can make use of axes and pruning saws that are available now with a 12.5% discount at Big Red Tool Box’s heavy tools section. When working with large trees, don’t forget to protect your head: use safety glasses and a safety helmet for maximum security.

rake-gardenRaking fallen leaves and placing them in the compost remains your job for winter as fallen leaves are not only unlovely but they can deteriorate the quality of your lawn. Raking leaves and picking up twigs and barks can be a great fun if you manage to involve the kids in it. You can motivate them by playing “whose pile is the highest” game, for example.

4. Those Veggies

Gardening kit ready for actionThere are some veggies that should be planted in this season, like snow peas, English spinach or the miniature cut-and-come-again lettuce. If you feel like it, plant these in your garden and enjoy caring for them throughout the whole winter. Browse through the offers at Newegg: a new soft grip rake or a complete gardening kit might always come handy.

Remember: even though you spend less time outdoors, inspecting regularly what’s going on in your garden is still a must-do activity which will bear its fruits next spring.

June 8, 2016


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