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Liberty Flights E-cigarettes

Interview with Liberty Flights


Liberty Flights is a company with foundations in the UK specializing in e-cigarette and e-liquid distribution. “Specialized” may be an understatement though, as they are industry leaders in producing some of the finest quality unique e-liquids. They also took on the task of driving the industry towards a brighter future by taking actual steps towards safety restrictions. They are also founding members of the Independent British Vaping Trade Association. But just because the roots of Liberty Flights are in the United Kingdom doesn’t mean they didn’t reach out for other audiences. The company established its presence in Australia and New Zealand years ago, so now the local smokers can “vape” as well. We asked a representative of Liberty Flights about their decision regarding the launch in new markets, the importance of the “Made in Britain” label, and their plans for the future.

Why did you decide to launch into the Australian and New Zealand market place?

I started researching the Australian electronic cigarette market in 2012 to learn how this relatively new technology was helping smokers switch to an alternative nicotine delivery system. This inspired me to launch in November 2013.

What differentiates Liberty Flights e-cig products from those of other brands?

We produce our own liquids using only pharmaceutical grade nicotine, sourced in the UK. We have our own clean room and bottling facility and this allows us to maintain the high quality of our liquids. The devices we sell are all approved and quality controlled by Liberty Flights to ensure our customers get the best vaping experience. We back our products up with exceptional customer support, as we pride ourselves on assisting customers throughout their vaping journey.

What makes the “Made in Britain” label so important?

Strawberry flavored e-liquid

Manufacturing in the UK enables us to maintain our high quality within the industry. Our e-liquids are regularly tested at an independent, accredited GMP laboratory. Good Manufacturing Practice is the standard required to conform to legislation covering pharmaceutical manufacture and testing. Liberty Flights continues to invest in scientific development and testing to ensure that we produce e-liquid that is of the highest quality and safety.

How do you recommend using an e-cig to stop smoking?

We don’t make any therapeutic claims about using an electronic cigarette or any of our products. If smokers are seeking advice about smoking cessation, then they should contact a quit smoking service, alternatively their GP's or a local pharmacist for recommendations and advice. However, our e-cigarette starter kits will help smokers switch to e-cigarettes comfortably. In case you’re not an existing smoker, consider yourself lucky, and please don’t take up any habit on our account. We actively discourage people who don’t currently have a dependence on nicotine to use our products.

What advice do you have for people who want to use Liberty Flights for the first time?

I’d like them to know they can contact us 7 days a week if they want to talk to our trained staff for advice or they can simply shoot us an email. To people who are new to vaping I would recommend the Liberty Flights Premier Starter Kit for its ease of use, price, plus it comes with a 30 day money back warranty, as do all our starter kits.

How can you guarantee the safety of Liberty Flights products?

Liberty Flights E-cigarettes

We are founding members of IBVTA - Independent British Vaping Trade Association - and are leading the way in the Industry on standards.

How can we enjoy savings or other advantages when shopping with Liberty Flights?

We offer free shipping on all starter kits plus bulk order discounts on e-liquids, clearomizers and atomizers. snip snip offers further savings on our products through coupon codes and special promotional offers.

What is your personal favourite e-cigarette and e-liquid?

My personal favourite is Tobacco Virginia in 1.8% nicotine. If I am going out then I use a Premier Starter Kit, while in the office or at home I use the Kanger EMOW 1300vv battery.

What is up next for Liberty Flights?

Liberty Flight Mini Volt Kit

We continue to add new flavours to our site based on feedback from our customers. We will be launching a new e-cigarette in July which is an ‘all in one’ device. We believe this new technology will further enhance the vaping experience. With greater flavour, easy fill, no leaks and a charge-as-you-go battery, you won’t look back.

Anything else we should certainly know about Liberty Flights?

We believe in, and we are passionate about what we do – our growing and loyal customer base is testament to this as are their stories, which inspire us every day.

Thanks to Liberty Flights for the entertaining interview!

The Story Behind SammyDress

“SammyDress for less” is a slogan that captures perfectly the Chinese company's essence: SammyDress is a global online fashion retail company whose mission is to bring fashion to all people, without regard to their financial background. Because being fashionable and caring for your look is not only about big brands, but also about the experience of making conscious decisions based upon certain stylistic principles. It's about finding your own style, one that makes you stand out from the crowd – and the crowd is rarely the red carpet for the majority of the world, so it's not only big brands who make fashion. Let's find out how SammyDress is fulfilling its mission. The company's online marketing manager has helped us enormously in our quest.

What Customers See

sammydress-watchWhen visiting for the first time, customers are instantly stunned by the plethora of women's and men's dresses, bags, jewellery, shoes, hair, watches, beauty, home and garden, kids' items on display. There are altogether about 200,000 different items, and this number grows by the day. Just in the shoes section, for example, at present you can choose from about 2,500 different models. However, your certainly needn't browse through all of them to find the pair that is most suitable for you, as the filters of colour, size, price, type reduce the offers to a manageable quantity. Websites ordinarily provide more purchase options to customers than offline stores, but excels even among them. And the number of options you have is of key importance when you decide to find your own style...

sammydress-jeansThe other conspicuous thing of course is the low price. Where else could you find a pair of jeans for less than $15, a shoulder bag for less than $10 or a leather-banded modern watch for less than $5? As SammyDress explains, the fact that they can provide high quality products at low factory prices can be put down to extensive and strong relationships that have been developed with manufacturers all over the world. Furthermore, SammyDress runs many promotions to make their items even more attractive in the eyes of customers – the regular sales and also occasional clearances or heavy discounts on certain categories or items. In addition, there are promotions that are available solely via coupon sites like snip snip.

sammydress-bagBy this active marketing activity SammyDress makes sure that low-to-middle income customers always find the store's items the best choice due to their practicality and good value for money. It is not rare that the shop runs “the more you spend, the more you save”-type campaigns that are aimed at channelling expenses. It's also favourable for customers as delivery is not free for lower value purchases.

Stylish Fashion for All

SammyDress's promise – to get the sensation of wearing new and stylish clothes – is for all the world, and people everywhere can choose their most favoured shipping service. A dedicated and well-trained customer service team is available 24/7 to answer all questions and solve all issues through an online conversation - should any of these occur.

What Is Behind the Scenes

SammyDress logoTo manage such a huge website that is available for customers using 17 different currencies, to have a separate site optimised for mobile phones (and needless to say, an app) is an enormous task and requires a concerted effort of many professionals. It seems they can keep the situation under control, as SammyDress is determined to strengthen its presence in many countries and plans to expand to new markets in the future. They would like to bring affordable fashion to as many people as possible all over the world – presumably more and more people will get to know the nice flowery logo of SammyDress.

The Co-op logo

Interview with The Co-op

Books on display

True to its name, The Co-op is a cooperative, and with its 1.9 million members it is the largest member-owned retailer in Australia where the profits are returned to members through up to 50% discounts on textbooks and other products. As Australia's no.1 official textbook and learning resources supplier, The Co-op covers a wide range of university subjects and TAFE courses from nursing to engineering and beyond. In addition, numerous fiction and non-fiction books, stationery items, tech gears, clothes, popular games and toys, and even medical supplies are available here, making a one-stop-shop for many students and adults. You can encounter the store in more than 65 campuses and learning institutes across Australia, or may find it online 24/7. Orders over $50 are delivered free of charge - and it seems hard to spend less in such a universal store.
In this interview, the head of the Digital and E-commerce Department of The Co-op will explain us in what ways The Co-op is special and what he enjoys about working for such a special company.

Why should we buy our textbooks with The Co-op?

The Co-op logoThe key benefit with buying with The Co-op is our unique ability to have all materials needed to succeed in your education ready in stock. Since 1958 we have been building close relationships with the institutions in Australia, and we know exactly what each student is going to need for their course, and when they need it. With our 65+ stores primarily placed on campus grounds and an immersive online experience, we make it really easy to get the products you need and want, and pick it up on-campus. The whole process is fast and hassle free, or you can get it delivered to where ever you might want it.

Besides, we are constantly working on ideas and strategies that can help bringing down the costs for students. For example, we have invested substantially in Used Books inventory that can bring down costs of course material with an additional 30% for students. There really are a lot of great opportunities for saving a substantial amount on material that is highly academic and otherwise costly.

When buying products with The Co-op you also partake in making education better. We work as a not-for profit organisation, where we give substantial amounts of the profits back through scholarships and educational benefits for students. The larger we grow, the more leverage we have to make education cheaper and less stressful. And that really is our core mission, and has been, since we were founded in a garden shed by a couple of UTS students back in 1958.  

Which items are currently hot and trending?

Textbooks, as it’s back to uni period.

How can we get extra discounts and benefits when shopping at

With a Co-op Membership students usually get up to 50% discount on our products. In addition, members get a guaranteed Price Beat Promise, meaning that we guarantee that we will match any price on our products as long as it lives up to the T&Cs.

ISIC AustraliaI think our most under-marketed initiative right now is our partnership with ISIC. ISIC is a global student ID card that have secured fantastic discounts for their members around the world. I played around with their iPhone app, and I was amazed with the local discounts of around 20% I could get at local cafes and food joints in my actual area. You typically sign up to these things just to find out that you got nothing relevant in your area. But this is completely different, it’s really broad and local and the discounts are fantastic. Normally this card cost $30 and anyone can sign up, but our members can get it for just $15.

What is your personal top three of favourite items available at

chroma-mouseMy own favourite mouse, the Razer Deathadder Chroma. It’s a great multipurpose mouse with fantastic precision both for gaming and work.

noise cancelling headphonesNoise cancelling headphones from Audio-Technica. It’s a middle ground affordable solution that actually works (And preferable for me since my son keeps eating my headphones. Kids really are expensive!) I commute with bus, as I live nearby our office. The traffic noise is really annoying when I just want to hear my morning/afternoon podcasts in peace while commuting, so this is a great solution for a more relaxing morning, in an otherwise stressful environment.

hero 4The last would be GoPro Hero4 Session. I’m not sure why, I don’t have this one yet - It’s just cool. I’m trying to find an excuse to buy it. I could use it to keep an eye on my son so he doesn’t eat my headphones I guess.

How is working at The Co-op like?

Heaps of fun. We have a great team in digital, where we geek out, and talk/experiment with innovative technology all the time. The fact that we just won the StarTrack ORIAS 2015 Award for Best Site Optimisation and Design also shows the calibre of talent that wants to be part of making a difference for students all around Australia, and solve complex problems to get to that goal.  

What can we expect from The Co-op in the near future?

That’s a secret. It’s really cool. But I’m not telling. You will have to wait and see. Let’s just say that we constantly think about how we can save students money, or how we can make life easier for them. And what we have coming out in 2016 are game changers. The whole team is super excited.  

What else should we definitely know about The Co-op?

We are more than just textbooks, we sell tablets, laptops, mobile phones, university branded clothing/memorabilia, medical equipment, and pop culture items. We have more than 600,000 products online at time of writing.

Thanks for this colourful and enthusiastic interview, The Co-op.

Mura Boutique logo

Interview with Mura Boutique

Latest style from Mura Boutique

“What would we want if we were you?” that is the slogan Mura Boutique has on its mind when creating its joyful fashion items for Mura girls. Founded in 2011 by the then 22-year old Asako Nakamura, Mura Boutique is now a label that is all about cheerfulness and helping you express the best version of yourself. Mura Boutique aims at being affordable for every girl, something it achieves by making its products affordable and providing free shipping for orders over $100 in addition to a 15% discount for students through UNiDAYS. The safe payments, easy returns aren’t the only reasons you can shop with confidence at Mura; the descriptions for all of their fashion items are extensive and offer plenty of sizing information, along with lots of nice and clear pictures. There isn’t a better person than Mura’s PR and Media coordinator Nikki to fill us in on all the details about this fashion brand and store.

'Beauty and affordability' could be the slogan of Mura Boutique. By what means can you achieve that?

Mura Boutique was founded by our director, Asako Nakamura, with a vision to change the face of Australian fashion. Asako wanted to create a boutique that is both beautiful and affordable, something that didn’t really exist at the time. To achieve this, Asako ensures that absolutely everything within our company is beautiful and presented to the same standard of any high-end retailer, without the price tag. Asako believes in the importance of detailed styling, and knows which trends will appeal to the market.

What is a Mura girl like?

The Mura girl loves all things feminine, fun & flattering!

Playsuits in different styles

What are the items Mura girls order from the store the most often?

Mura girls love fun and bright playsuits, sequined formal dresses and going out dresses.

Which styles are currently the most popular?

Since it is summer here in Australia, our most popular styles are the staple playsuits and key dresses.

What characterises the beauty products Mura Boutique recommends to its customers?

We believe that every girl deserves to feel beautiful, and we like to promote light and flattering beauty products that are not too heavy. We have a light fragrance range that is very Australian, and love to support local Australian businesses like our own.

Which advice do you have for people who still find it problematic to shop clothes online?

Read the descriptions well! We spend a lot of time in writing a great description that is informative and precise to its style. Also check your measurements and compare them to our measuring chart. And lastly take the risk! The best thing about online shopping is that you have the ability to send it back if it’s not what you wanted, and all at the touch of a finger! (Trust me you will become obsessed!)

How can we save some money when shopping at

Fab dresses and accessories from MuraKeep an eye out for our promotions! We are always having great giveaways and offering new incentives for our regular customers. Sign up to our email database and follow our social media platforms to stay informed about latest giveaways!

What are you most proud of among Mura Boutique's achievements so far?

The growth of Instagram has been such a humbling initiative to observe. Especially getting to know all our loyal followers, and being able to share the growth of Mura with them is an achievement I am very proud of.

What items do you personally like most from the store's assortment?

Mura Boutique logoI love the indent range we stock! It’s always so detailed and designed so beautiful, I can’t keep my hands off it!

Which novelties is about to introduce in the near future?

We are in the process of developing our Mura exclusive range, and creating some exciting formal outfits and basic pieces!

Thank you Nikki for this interview!

Hector Marcus logo

Interview with Hector Marcus

Hector Marcus online shop

Hector Marcus is a company that has extensive experience in managing publicity for various fashion and entertainment brands, as well as personal styling. Through this experience, Hector Marcus knows how to source exclusive brands for the fashion conscious online shopper. Men can shop for the latest designer underwear and swimwear by Danny Miami and tanning essentials by MR. BROWNE, while women can exclusively discover Intimate Britney Spears lingerie and fragrances by Charriol among other high-end brands. Hector Marcus only selects the finest brands that are up and coming, and occasionally has coupons and promotions to sweeten the deal. The savings you get through these discount offers would make perfect donations for one of the many causes Hector Marcus supports. Without further ado, we invite you to learn more about Hector Marcus in this interview.

What are the products that are available for Australians solely via Hector Marcus?

We source brands based outside Australia and where possible ensure a level of exclusivity. A perfect example of this would be the Change of Scandinavia Lingerie lines – Change, Charade and Intimate Britney Spears of which we hold the exclusive rights/license for the territory of Australia.

Which clothing items are currently the most popular in the store?

Intimate Britney Spears: Amaryllis, Elma, Elvira, Clematis and Cherry range.

Designer swimwear, underwear by Danny Miami

What are the new arrivals for both men and women?

For men, our designer swimwear and underwear from American based Danny Miami™. For women there are the 2016 collections for Change, Charade and Intimate Britney Spears.

What is the key stylistic difference between your two collections for women, Gina Liano and Intimate Britney Spears collections?

The Gina Liano collection is very bold, lavish and quite extravagant catering to the assertive extravert personality unashamedly “Fearless”.

The Intimate Britney Spears collection speaks to the quietly self-assured confident woman, who is adventurous and body confident and who likes to make a splash every now and then.

What advice would you give people who still find it problematic to shop clothes online?

The biggest and most obvious/common issue would be sizing, as with any online store your first purchase will make or break your decision to become a return customer. We provide a variety of international sizes to allow customers to cross reference dependent upon their location and/or regional preference. If possible, make your first purchase(s) to determine sizing and quality. There’s no point spending hundreds of dollars on clothes/products only to find half of them don’t actually fit or are of a much lesser quality than what you were led to believe.

Change lingerie collection

Are there any special offers and promotions at

We offer a variety of discounts via our partners including snip snip, and our social media.

How can we learn about discounts and deals offered at

Hector Marcus logoThe best way is to follow us on social media, all our accounts are listed via their link and on our website: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

If you were to choose three items from the store, what would these be?

For me personally, the swimwear/underwear (Danny Miami™) and tanning products from MR.BROWNE.

Charity seems to be important for Hector Marcus. Could you tell us what are the causes that you contribute to?

Supporting worthy causes is an essential part of our company vision/mission. From incurable diseases in humans to welfare and wellbeing of our furry companions, one no less or more important than the other… EQUALITY for all living creatures.

What is Hector Marcus up to in the near future?

Aside from introducing more brands in both men’s and women’s categories, we are working on the highly anticipated Red Carpet Fundraiser Launch of Intimate Britney Spears to raise funds for national Breast Cancer Foundation. We anticipate a date in the second half of the year to coincide with Ms Spears ever evolving schedule and commitments. More will be posted via the Official Australian Intimate Britney Spears Collection Facebook page.

Our thanks go to Hector Marcus for participating in this interview!

Vaniday logo

Interview with Vaniday

Professional make-up

Vaniday has been available for a little less than a year in Australia, and yet it has already conquered the hearts of many beauty shoppers. Through their site and app you can easily find beauty salons and all sorts of wellness services in your near vicinity, check all the details on the services offered and then book them right from the site without having to pick up the phone to make a call. Haircuts, nail care, hair removal, massages – a broad range of beauty services are offered in Sydney, Melbourne and elsewhere in country. This makes Vaniday also a great place to shop a gift card to pleasure a loved one with a treatment of his, her choice in any location. It’s no surprise this handy new online venture is backed by Rocket Internet, which is also one of the driving powers behind other loved services like HelloFresh.

We invited Vaniday’s Igor for an interview to learn more about what Vaniday is all about, and which novelties and aspects of the services we shouldn’t miss out on.

Why should we book a date in a beauty salon through

Vaniday lets you quickly and effortlessly browse the best salons in an area chosen by you, making it easy to look into each salon’s provided services and then compare the results to find exactly what you want. You can then select a time that’s most convenient for you and book your appointment all from the comfort of, well, anywhere you like and without the hassle of having to call into a noisy salon and explain what you want over the phone.

Trendy hair salon

Which beauty professionals are booked the most often by women and which are the most popular among men?

Amongst both men and women alike, hair services are the most common type of booking on our website and app. For women, this is followed by nails and then waxing, whereas for men it’s massages and then waxing.

Which are the services that are ordered the most as a gift?

The most popular bookings that we get for gifts are for massages or spa packages. This is likely to be because they are not as dependent on the present and personal needs of somebody and because they are a true indulgence that a lot of people rarely organise for themselves.

Which are the latest types of treatments offered by the aesthetics salons?

The aesthetics salons offer a huge range of treatments, you can take a look through some of them on our website.

How can we book an appointment in a nearby salon?

Booking an appointment is simple. The website and app both allow you to easily find salons near you by searching within your area, then all you have to do is pick your favourite and choose a time that suits you. It’s as simple as that.

Relaxing massage in nice massage salon

Is there an app that makes it easier to book via our mobile phones?

Yes! The Vaniday app means that you can book your appointment from wherever you are and whenever you want. A lot of care has been put into creating an app that is not just easy to use, but incredibly beautiful and simple to navigate. It’s available for free in the iTunes App Store for iPhones and from Google Play for Android.

How can we make sure that the salon we book will meet our expectations?

Here at Vaniday we have developed close relationships with all the salons on our platform to make sure we can guarantee their quality and learn enough about them to create detailed and accurate descriptions. When searching for salons, you are given access to pictures so you know precisely what to expect when you arrive.

What is the public’s response to Vaniday like?

Since the platform’s inception last year, the response from not only our partner salons, but also our customers has been amazing. People are clearly excited to have Vaniday finally make their lives so much easier. Our customers recognise the true value of Vaniday in their lives. We have also received attention and praise in the media by not only news outlets and magazines but also bloggers.

What cost saving opportunities exist when booking at

Vaniday logoWhen booking with Vaniday, you will have access to exclusive deals given to us by our partner salons that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. On top of this, the price you pay is clear on the website and app and so there won’t be any nasty surprises on the day.

In what areas does plan to expand its services in the future?

Since Vaniday opened its doors less than a year ago, our company’s popularity has been growing and so expansion is always at the front of our minds. Right now the company has built up a strong network of beauty and wellness service providers in our current markets (Australia, UAE, Brazil, Italy, Russia and Singapore), but in the future we would like to include other types of specialist professional beauty service providers.

Huge thanks to Igor for taking the time to do an interview with us! Be sure to check on our latest Vaniday coupon codes, as we have an exclusive code that will get you a 10% discount on any beauty and wellness arrangement you book.

Yarra Trail logo

Interview with Yarra Trail

Comfy weekend style by Yarra Trail

Casual and comfortable fashion, that’s what Yarra Trail strives for to make life one long weekend. Always having the feeling that it’s the weekend and looking fabulous all in one? Sold! We’re all in for that, so we set out to explore Browsing through their store is comfortable and a pleasure in its own, regardless of whether you’re using your desktop computer, smartphone or tablet to shop around. There is a great variety of collections to discover, with an ongoing sale section offering discounts on a good deal of products. Katie of the Yarra Trail team agreed to do an interview with us to tell us more about

What is your role in the Yarra Trail team?

I am the Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Yarra Trail.

Why should we shop at and not another online store?

As consumers we always want what’s current and fashionable, so with our regular updates, fresh designs and colour palettes, this is exactly what we can offer without straying from what we’re good at of course - casual weekend styling suitable to the season and everyday wear.

What are the colour trends for the summer?

Bold, clean colours combined with the understated elegance of neutrals, and of course classic black and white.

Summer shirt by Yarra Trail

Which styles are currently trending for the summer?

The popular flowy pattern or print shirt, met with a white relaxed pair of pants or short.

Which looks do you recommend for celebrating the Christmas holidays?

An outfit that can take you from day to night, paired with heels or flats like our Short Sleeve Stitch Detail Dress.

Which advice do you have for women shopping with Yarra Trail for the first time?

Start with an essential and then shop every category, there’s always something that will match perfectly!

How can we enjoy additional discounts, benefits when shopping at

Click on the SALE-tab in our online store for great markdowns, and take a glance at our promotions and coupons here at

Discounted Yarra Trail fashion

What is your personal favourite outfit available at

I love the Crosscheck Print Shirt. It has such a unique pattern and is super comfy.

Which other online stores and brands are you guys fond of?

The Marco Polo online store.

What may we expect from Yarra Trail in the near future?

Think contemporary silhouettes, contrasting textures and refreshing colours.

What else should we definitely know about Yarra Trail?

We are all for casual and comfort!

Many thanks Katie for this lovely interview!

Hat and Fashion logo

Interview with Hat and Fashion

Colourful hat styles

Nothing better to complete your look than a hat, but the difficulty lies in choosing the right one. Online you can find a range larger than anywhere else, but with online shopping there’s also the burden of picking the right hat in the right size. It takes a true hat expert to shop the perfect hat online for that special occasion or your personal style, which is exactly what Hat and Fashion is. The company’s Head Designer Jannette and her team come up with the designs for all hats they sell themselves, and provide personal assistance whenever you shop with them.

Being able to request styling advice from the creators themselves, browsing through a wide range of different styles, colours and occasions with all the detailed descriptions and sizing information you could need makes Hat and Fashion a place where you’ll feel more comfortable than ever to pick a hat. Hat and Fashion not just stands for a great choice in hats – it’s becoming an ultimate go-to place for all things fashion related with the addition of designer sunglasses, gloves and more. In this interview, Jannette shares numerous tips for shopping hats online, along with other not to miss styling advice.

Why should we shop our hats at has the largest range of limited edition designer special occasion fascinators and hats available online throughout the world. Our instantly fabulous range is a designer collection of styles and wonderful colours. We have several new ranges and hundreds of colours added to our website constantly. Our styles are all photographed on professional models and each design is individually styled by our team of stylists to make sure that our customers are able to see the design from every angle.

Each one of our designs is photographed from the front, sides and back so that all the guesswork is taken out of choosing a design, and our customers can see what the style actually looks like on a person. We also provide the measurements of each hat - the length, width and height and head sizes - so they can visualise just how wide high or long the design they are interested in will look on their own head.

Hat and fashion sale at Hat and Fashion

Our special occasion range of designs features top Milliner designs and quality, but are available at a fraction of the price. All our hats and styles on our website are the most competitive prices available online, and our customers regularly comment about our styles service and prices.

Every design and style on our website is specifically designed exclusively and manufactured for us. This includes our huge range of ladies, men’s and children’s hats, and our fashion dresses, whites collections and Sarongs. Our customers know and appreciate our high quality in every product that we make. We also are the exclusive designers of a wonderful range of lightweight travel knitwear, which is so popular because of its unique wearability, and because it can be rolled into a suitcase and worn anywhere and still look fantastic. Also coming soon our amazing range of designer sunglasses will be added to the website to give our customers a one stop sun shop.

Plus, we also have a huge range of Sarongs, so in other words the complete sun holiday and fashion go to website. Our Sarongs are exclusive to us, and beautifully photographed so that customers can clearly see the designs and our great prices with specials advertised.

We offer free delivery for all orders over $25 and free returns for orders over $25 (terms & conditions apply). Every design we send is beautifully wrapped and presented, and best of all - we send orders on the same day, with an express service also available. We ship throughout Australia and right around the world.

Women wearing stylish race hats

Which hats are currently popular?

We have such a huge variety of styles, colours and designs available that it is difficult to include one particular style. There is always a special racing event somewhere in Australia or overseas, so our Special Occasion hats and Fascinators are always in high demand. At the moment we have the Boxing Day races coming up and the Magic Millions on the Gold Coast, so our customers are planning their wardrobes and buying mainly Hatinators or Wide Brim Special Occasion Hats.

A Hatinator is larger than a Fascinator and smaller than a Hat. Hatinators at the moment are reaching for the sky, the taller the better, with feathers and twirls going up, up, up to dizzying heights. We even have discussions with our customers about how they can sit or lie down on the back seat of their cars with their style to arrive at an event!

This year, wide brim fashion hats made a comeback at the Melbourne Cup Spring Racing Carnival, so those styles are currently really trending, and expect that by next year the Fashion Hat - which has been a little quiet over the past few years - will be back bigger and with a wider brim than ever before but with a vintage modern twist.

Which hat styles are perfect for the Christmas holiday season?

Now that the holidays are here, customers are looking for hats that are cool, squashable, lightweight and can travel in a beach bag or on an overseas vacation are the most practical, stylish and easy to look after. Nowadays, hats must be able to fit into a suitcase and pop out looking perfect, as well as comfortable and good looking. When it comes to ladies, they mostly look for a hat that will suit every colour worn, so the basic colours are always the winners - white, beige, ivory and black are always the number one sellers. For kids' hats, they must be smart washable, tough and have either a chinstrap or an inner adjustable headband to fit growing heads.

Men aren’t so fussy about what they wear and often leave it to the ladies to choose, but we do have a great range of washable, squashable and lightweight hats with adjustable back flaps, which men love for fishing, gardening or boating as they can be pushed into their back pockets or even run under a tap. Men also still love a wide brim straw hat to protect their face and necks, especially useful when behind a motor mower. The tweens are still trending with the Trilby and the need to be seen and be cool.

Which advice do you have for people shopping hats online for the first time?

Woman wearing casual hat Our website offers new customers the easiest and fastest way to buy a hat. Every style is easily found by well-known common categories and then also offered by colour, so customers can shop by style or colour. The great photos of every angle of the design take the guesswork out of choosing, and the measurements also offer another great guide. Customers shopping for hats usually have a purpose in mind - be it holidays, special occasions - so it’s easy to define the design style and colour that suit the purpose. Customers shopping for casual styles should also know their headsize and if they are not sure about this, go to our hat sizing & care page which has a photo of how to measure a head for the best sizes.

Also consider where the hat is going to be worn, and check out the descriptions to make sure that if it is to be worn near or on the water for instance that it is going to be able to resist water if it should fall in or if it is worn in a sudden downpour. Also use the tape measure to check out the sizes of the brim that are given on all of our descriptions to make sure that the hat bim covers the areas that are important for the customer.

We offer our customers individual attention and great online support through our chat line, which is available 24/7, so customers can either chat to us directly or we call them back quickly and assist with any questions or suggestions or advice to make it easy to buy a hat online fuss free. Customers also pay through the protection of PayPal so there is no risk and no fear regarding credit cards etc. and often that is a real concern with first time buyers.

Which hat should we get to protect ourselves from the sun?

The best types of hats for ultimate sun protection are those with the UV50 label. To obtain really good protection don’t forget to also put on the sunscreen as well, and choose a hat that has a nice wide brim that will cover the face, ears and back of the neck. Hats that are of a more solid construction - in other words, those that have no holes or patterns that the design will let the sun shine through - are the best for really strong sun protection.

We have a great style that just about every tradesman working outside wears for the best UV50+ sun protection. It features a wide brim, is fully washable and has a back flap that entirely covers the ears and neck. It’s lightweight and one of our most popular designs. For boys and girls, wide brim cotton fully washable surf hats with a chin toggle offer the best protection both in the sun and water. Ladies still want great sun protection but like to look smart as well, so again the wide brim hats are the best choice and fashionable to keep away those damaging sunrays.

Hatinator style

How do we go about matching our hat with the rest of our outfit?

You can't imagine how many times our customers ask us this exact question, and there are a few simple rules that can be followed. Firstly, for ladies choosing a Fascinator, Hatinator or Special Occasion Hat, usually the colour of their dress, or accessories will dictate the choice of their hat. But more and more we are finding that ladies will buy the Hatinator or Fascinator first and then work backwards because often it is easier to buy the Fascinator and then match the other items. All of our Special Occasion range is photographed in a professional studio with lighting that ensures that the colour that you see on our website is as close as possible to that of the actual design. We also describe the colours using the internationally recognised Pantone colours and names.

Quite often our customers will send us a photo of the dress they are wearing and we will then send back suggestions, or send an email or SMS photos so that they can be sure they are completely happy with their choice.

The general rule of thumb for colour choice if the dress has many colours is to pick one or two colours to then highlight those colours with the Fascinator and match it back to the accessories. Ladies wearing a plain block colour sometimes like to match the colour or go with a fabulous pop of colour that will set the whole outfit off beautifully, and then wear nude accessories to ensure that the dress and hat are the stars.

Which other accessories should we use to complete our look?

Accessories complete the look and can make a plain dress look amazing. Our ladies finish their looks by adding a variety of ideas. Some ladies choose to wear very subdued earrings and that often depends entirely on how complex the style of the hat or fascinator is. Based on the style of the dress, a suitable necklace might be appropriate, again this also depends on the style and colours of the Fascinator, Hatinator or Hat. At the moment the Hatinator styles are very complex and have many features such as feathers, swirls and flowers, feathers and blossoms etc on them, so ladies generally are keeping their neckline and earrings very simple. And of course, a fabulous pair of shoes completes every look - a woman can never have too many hats or shoes! Gloves or half gloves are also a popular choice and really pull the whole outfit together beautifully.

How can we enjoy extra savings and other advantages when shopping at

Hat and Fashion logoAlways check out our specials and discounts, as we regularly offer discounts and two for one specials. For Christmas, we have a great Family Gift Special of any three selected Casual Hats to the value of $85 customers receive a 40% discount, which is a great saving. We also have a Loyalty Club and all those customers receive advance notice of upcoming specials, discounts and are notified when our once a year fascinator sale is planned and get to shop exclusively before it is launched to the general public. There are also Sarong specials and knitwear specials of “Buy 5 Get 6th Free”, and many other events every week where customers get fantastic savings. Our sale pages are updated daily with amazing markdowns too, so customers can buy a really fantastic style heavily discounted.

What are your three personal favourite hats?

What's the story about the painter that never paints his house. Because I am the designer and work daily with new colours and sourcing new and exciting textures and trends from when I am shopping around in streets and alleys overseas always on the look out for something new, I find it impossible to even choose a hat to wear to the beach. I’ve often gone on holidays and forgotten to take a hat! It’s called Hat Overload!

At the moment I am heavily into designing for the season 2017, so they are my favourite today. Probably when I design new shapes or colours tomorrow that will be my favourite. But I can say that at the moment I’m leaning towards hair accessories with pearls, gold and various shapes!

Which novelties can we expect from in the near future?

We actually have one of the largest ranges of designer sunglasses in Australia, but have not yet showcased them on our website, so they will be on our website in the New Year. We will also have a beautiful range of hair accessories coming shortly as they are a hot trend right now and all our One Off Designs were sold during the Spring Racing Carnival. And we will also offer a fantastic range of gloves and half gloves in a sizzling range of colours. There's a few other exciting products too that are coming online shortly which will make us the one-stop Fashion on the Field site.

Huge thank you to Jannette for taking the time to do this interview with us and provide us with so many great tips on how to complete our look with fabulous hats and other accessories!

Ace Airport Parking logo

Interview with Ace Airport Parking

Ace Airport Parking logo Ace Airport Parking is a company that strives for more than just looking after your car while you’re away – they want to make your traveling as worry-free as possible. The secure self parking is located near Melbourne Airport and offers a number of additional services including carwash, valet service and more. Their website allows you to easily and quickly get a quote for your parking spot, presenting you with the different parking services available. From there onwards you can easily confirm your booking online and pick any of the little extras such as car washing or even car servicing according to your wishes. We invited Ace Airport Parking’s James and the rest of the team for an interview in order to learn more about their company and services.

Entry of Ace Airport Parking in Melbourne

Why should we park our car with Ace Airport Parking?

Ace is the #1 choice in airport parking. Servicing Melbourne Airport, Ace provides off-airport parking services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are located in a purpose built multi-level car park located just 7 minutes from Tullamarine Airport and Essendon Airport.

We offer a variety of parking options including undercover or outdoor, self-park and valet service.

Ace Airport Parking offers great convenience and value with courtesy shuttle busses running 24/7 and value added services like luggage assistance, car cleaning and vehicle servicing.

How does your Ace Loyalty Program work?

Our loyalty rewards program is based on a point system. You can earn points by booking with us and reviewing us online and interacting with us on social media. Once you have accrued a certain number of points you can redeem your loyalty points for free parking days or free car wash services.

Every customer is automatically part of our loyalty rewards program. We hope you find our loyalty rewards program rewarding and continue to use our airport parking services.

How can we get additional savings on our booking with Ace Airport Parking?

We offer a range of extremely competitive parking options to suit all budgets. Checking our page on snip snip and liking our Facebook page will keep you up-to-date with our current specials. In addition to this, joining our loyalty program means you accumulate points every time you park with us. You can then redeem your points for free parking or additional services, like car cleaning.

Luggage service by an Ace Airport Parking member

Which further tips do you have for travellers going to the airport with their own car?

Just leave your car with Ace and let us take the stress out of airport parking.

What are the security measurements in place with Ace Airport Parking?

We have over 120 CCTV cameras and are staffed 24/7 for your peace of mind. Additionally, the car park is purpose built multi storey car park providing undercover parking with boom gates, roller doors and access control at all entrance and exits.

What are some of the other services we can enjoy with Ace Airport Parking?

At Ace we like to provide a variety of options to our customers. We offer a number of self-park options (take your keys with you) or valet parking (leave your keys with us and we’ll do the rest). In addition, we realise that when you’re away, it is a great time to have your car serviced or washed. Ace Airport Parking has partnered with Splash and Shine Hand Car Wash and Ultra Tune Servicing so we can offer you the ultimate airport parking experience.

Which advantages can businesses with frequent travellers enjoy with Ace Airport Parking?

Besides outstanding customer service, at Ace we offer an extremely competitive corporate rate for businesses. Simply give us a call and we can discuss the best option for you and your business.

Carpark run by Ace Airport Parking

What may we expect from Ace Airport Parking in the future?

At Ace Airport Parking we are continually striving to improve the parking experience for our customers. We are confident that once you try Ace Airport Parking that you’ll be a customer for life. We are the #1 choice in Airport Parking and we’ll continue to provide our customers with the best service from the minute they make their booking to the time they drive out the exit.

Which other websites, travel services do you guys like?

We’ve partnered with Hanrob Pet Hotels, and we think the service they provide for your furry friend while you’re away is great. We have also teamed up with RACV and we fully recommend them for all of your travel needs.

Many thanks to James and the other members of the Ace Airport Parking team for taking this interview!

Heaven Gifts logo

Interview with Heaven Gifts

The Heaven Gifts headquarters

In the short time since its birth, the electronic cigarette has become widely popular and transformed tremendously over the years. Today it’s rare to see a traditional looking e-cigarette, as nowadays there are thousands of possibilities with vaping devices of all kinds. E-cigarette brands across the world, most of which are Chinese, have been creating unique designs and innovative technologies to offer a personalized vaping experience. Heaven Gifts is an official authorized online retailer for many of these brands including Joyetech, Eleaf and Totally Wicked, making it a one-stop-shop for all things e-smoking. With such tremendous choice in starter kits, e-liquids, batteries and mods and other e-cig items, it may be a bit daunting to bump into an e-cig solution that’s right for you. We invited Heaven Gifts for an interview to brief us on the latest novelties, promotions and more.

Why should we shop our e-cigarette products with Heaven Gifts?

Heaven Gifts is the largest, best and most trustworthy distributor of electronic cigarettes in China. We have two offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China with a professional IT team and customer service support, and two warehouses for fast shipments within 24 hours.

What are currently some of the most popular products and brands?

Joyetech, Eleaf, Kanger, Aspire, VapeOnly, UD, WISMEC, SMOK, Totally Wicked and CiVAP.

Brands for which Heaven Gifts is an official authorized retailer

What are some of the newest features with electronic cigarettes?

Temperature control function, Sub-ohm vaping and Ceramic Coil.

Which tips do you have for e-smokers shopping with for the first time?

  1. Place your first order through our app to get a 20% discount.
  2. Pay attention to the shipping methods and restrictions.
  3. Register your own account before your first order and contact us via live chat on our site if there is any problem.
  4. Follow SNS/Forum to get free samples and coupon codes.

Do we risk having to pay extra taxes when receiving our order in Australia?

There is always a risk, and Heaven Gifts can offer lower value and change product names to avoid it. However we cannot make any promises on this, as it’s decided by the local customs.

What are your personal favourite products?

Joyetech eVic e-cigarette available at Heaven Gifts

How can we save extra on our purchases with

Make use of our bulk prices, coupons and sales. By buying more, you will enjoy lower prices and also save on the cost of shipping.

Which novelties can we expect from Heaven Gifts in the near future?

Whatever updates are released on the market - Heaven Gifts will have them. Also, we will launch our new website early 2016. Look forward to a better shopping experience!

Shopping electronic cigarettes in the Heaven Gifts app

Can you tell us a bit more about your app?

Every registered user can login on our app and place an order in a similar fashion as on our website. Your first order in our app will receive a 20% off discount. For now, most actions you can do on the website can be done through the app, too. Some of our products have special prices only on our app and you can find them on the Home-tab on our app. The limitation is you can only pay your order through PayPal and a deposit account on our app. All the account and order information will be synchronized between our website and app.

What else should we definitely know about Heaven Gifts?

Heaven Gifts logoWe ship orders within 24 hours, and our replacement policy offers you the convenience of sending us pictures or videos to show the problem before you return products to get a replacement.

Many thanks to the Heaven Gifts team for taking the time for this interview!

Bestsellers available at Heaven Gifts

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