Interview with Liberty Flights

Liberty Flights is a company with foundations in the UK specializing in e-cigarette and e-liquid distribution. “Specialized” may be an understatement though, as they are industry leaders in producing some of the finest quality unique e-liquids. They also took on the task of driving the industry towards a brighter future by taking actual steps towards […]

7 Mountain Bike Essentials You Must Have Before Hitting the Road

Mountain biking seems an unsophisticated form of sport, where nothing wrong can happen provided you stick to your guts. But in reality, riding a mountain bike can be quite a dangerous activity if the biker OR the bike is not well prepared. Let’s take a look at the basic apparels and gear you should have, […]

All You Need Is Love

The publication of 50 Shades of Grey set off a second sexual revolution in the Western world: the book has become a household item in underground compartments and bookshelves, and sexuality has become a legitimate topic for conversation between people without intimate relationships. Many suppressed fantasies were granted free entry to people’s mind and sexual […]

Afterpay – A Truly Australian Treat for Customers

Side-by-side with purchasing goods, renting and leasing have always been popular ways to gain ownership over a desired object, even if temporarily. It seems that Afterpay, a company that was born in Australia a few years ago, attempts to bring some truly alternative forms into the ever-strengthening world of e-commerce. The concept is quite simple: […]

Cool Gardens in Cold Weather

Although this year we haven’t experienced yet the frosty fingers of winter, the calendar warns us that Boreas the God of Winter is on his way. We can hide into our well-heated house, but the little living beings outside in the garden have nowhere to go – they stand in need of our special care […]

Movies on the Move: In-Car DVD Players

Building a DVD player in cars seems a dangerous idea at first glance. After all, driving requires intensive concentration and a car has nothing to do with dim-light cinema halls or your comfy living room. But it seems that the number of accidents aren’t rising parallel with the growing popularity of these gadgets, and this […]

Kitchen Tips to Keep Warm

When the weather outside is not too benign and does not allow for our usual outdoors activities, huddling ourselves up in a cosy armchair with a cup of hot tea and a tablet is an excellent way to escape from the realm of cold, wind and smother. Besides, cooking at home is never as rewarding […]

A Peculiar Gift to Her for Mother’s Day

We’re approaching May 8th, when the majority of countries celebrate Mother’s Day. Or to put it more properly, not countries, but individuals celebrate this day: this is not about mothers in general but about THE mother of every individual. Although the cult of the mother-figure had been present in ancient cultures, probably due to its […]

The Story Behind SammyDress

“SammyDress for less” is a slogan that captures perfectly the Chinese company’s essence: SammyDress is a global online fashion retail company whose mission is to bring fashion to all people, without regard to their financial background. Because being fashionable and caring for your look is not only about big brands, but also about the experience […]

Dehydration: Is It Really a Threat?

Nutrition experts tend to disagree on the minimum amount of liquid we should consume each day. For some, it’s at least 2-2,5 litres, for others, these claims are exaggerated and not based on science. But none of them queries that sportsmen and hobby athletes need to watch out for the signs of dehydration, or else […]

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