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The publication of 50 Shades of Grey set off a second sexual revolution in the Western world: the book has become a household item in underground compartments and bookshelves, and sexuality has become a legitimate topic for conversation between people without intimate relationships. Many suppressed fantasies were granted free entry to people’s mind and sexual practices, and it’s highly probable that increasingly more people are interested in learning more about the mysterious world of erotic shops. In the following, we’ll introduce some characteristic products of the latter: sexy lingerie items, as well as some pleasure-enhancement tools. If you’re under 18, please stop reading this article, or else… we can’t check it, anyway.

Products for Bystanders

Despite all prophecies, adult DVDs are still widely popular, even though the Internet has an ample supply of erotic scenes of all genres. You can inspect the assortment of Australia’s no. 1 Uncut DVD shop, Wild Secrets, a prominent erotic store. Apart from hardcore pornography, you can find many films that women or someone with an artistic taste can easily get to like. Watching an erotic film with your lover is a perfect foreplay of the foreplay.

Products for the Show

lace-cover-chemisevinyl-guyAlthough usually nudity is the final goal, the thrill of love-making can be greatly enhanced by super-sexy clothes, or – for those who wish and dare to act out their fantasies – by interesting costumes. Among the erotic shops, Wild Secrets has the largest assortment of costumes. Many erotic dresses and underwear items hardly differ from the ones you’d put on in the daylight, but as the devil lies in the details, you and your partner will surely sense why this or that item makes you think about just one thing. On the other hand, there are more daring items as well, especially the BDSM-related stuff.

Products for the Act

libidoAn important asset of erotic shops is that the range of condoms and lubricants is much wider than what your local drug store has to offer: at, for example, you can choose from as many as 152 lubricants. And learning about previous customers’ opinion, you’ll certainly make a better choice.

In addition, offers many aphrodisiacs and libido enhancers, together with fine massage creams and lotions. Hot card games and blindfolds can also help setting the appropriate atmosphere for a joyful intercourse, while vibrating rings or Kegel balls can be used during the act for pleasure enhancement.

Extra Products for the Playful

flight-attendantAdult shops are perhaps mostly known for the special erotic toys they supply: true-to life blown-up dolls or just their most crucial parts, masturbators and vibrators, as well as dildos. These are also available in a great variety to fit every taste and budget, and as is the case with all other goods, they can be returned if found faulty.

The Question of Discretion

We’ve stated earlier that sex has gained entrance to everyday conversations, but still, it’s not always “safe” to bring this topic up. To spare inconvenience to their clients, erotic shops guarantee 100% privacy, with no recognisable labels on the packages that would hint at their contents.

July 7, 2016


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