Afterpay – A Truly Australian Treat for Customers

Side-by-side with purchasing goods, renting and leasing have always been popular ways to gain ownership over a desired object, even if temporarily. It seems that Afterpay, a company that was born in Australia a few years ago, attempts to bring some truly alternative forms into the ever-strengthening world of e-commerce. The concept is quite simple: let shoppers order goods from the Internet without having to pay the full costs at once. Instead, the sum is divided into four equal parts, of which the first instalment is to be paid at the time of the purchase, while the others are deducted from the customer’s bank account on a fortnightly basis.

AfterPayLogoThe quasi loan is interest-free and there is no entry cost of joining Afterpay. There is no special procedure to apply either; everyone who is over 18, lives in Australia and has a valid credit card is eligible to use Afterpay. Opting for Afterpay instead of paying the full value of your purchase in an online shop is just a matter of one click.

Why is Afterpay gaining popularity?

shopperAlthough many people prophesize the end of consumer society, the reality is that we live in an era when status-determined consumption expresses one’s personality in every field of life. The quick acquisition of an off-the-catwalk clothing item or a recently introduced sports gear can bring great joy and prestige to all, especially the young. But they don’t necessarily have enough money for these. Back in the 20th century, you would economize and shop happily in a year’s time, but now with accelerated trends, it’s just not an appealing option.

Which Pitfalls Should You Avoid When Choosing Afterpay?

calendarAfterpay can be a wonderful help for those who prefer for the enhanced comfort of spending less, or in cases of temporary money shortages. But it is by no means recommended in cases when the customer couldn’t afford shopping in the given value judged by his or her overall revenues. As all longer financial commitments, using Afterpay requires a thorough consideration of your financial status and extra vigilance of your accounts throughout the six weeks after a purchase with Afterpay. Although completely cost- and problem-free for “good clients”, Afterpay charges late payment fees if someone cannot pay the instalments regularly.

Another, minor inconvenience can result in situations when you return your purchase wholly or partially to the shop. Afterpay will stop deducting the instalments from your account only when it receives a notification from the shop – but then, naturally, it will fully refund the goods returned. This is just a question of time – but can be a difficult time for young people who are short of cash.

Mura Boutique logoWith Afterpay, we can become owners of desired object instantly. And even if someone does have the necessary money, they’re perhaps more willing to pay in instalments because it is psychologically less discomforting to spend just a few pounds than larger amounts… It’s no wonder that Afterpay is offered now in 100 Australian online stores, most of which are fashion- or sports-oriented like SurfStitch, Beginning Boutique, Atomic Cherry, Mura Boutique, Wild Earth, and Amino Z.

In the final analysis, Afterpay is a modern and comfortable payment method, which is completely safe for those who use it cautiously. So use it for your best interest!

June 29, 2016


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