7 Mountain Bike Essentials You Must Have Before Hitting the Road


Mountain biking seems an unsophisticated form of sport, where nothing wrong can happen provided you stick to your guts. But in reality, riding a mountain bike can be quite a dangerous activity if the biker OR the bike is not well prepared. Let’s take a look at the basic apparels and gear you should have, no matter whether you have a rigid, a hardtail or a full suspension bike. Once you’ve obtained all these essentials, you can set out for the adventure.

1. A Close-Fitting Helmet

helmetMTB helmets are usually more elongated and lighter than regular ones, but a well-chosen helmet sticks to your head as if it was glued to it. Limar helmets, for example, use a special comfort-fit system to ensure this. They don’t come cheap, but you’re sure to enjoy free delivery with Pushys when getting your new helmet with them.

2. Gloves

mtb-glovesAlthough some experienced trekkers do without them, gloves are essential. Especially for beginners who are not used to the vibration of the bike – and who probably face more falls. MTB gloves are both enduring and poshy at the same time, just check out some of them here.

3. A Reliable Pump and a Puncture Repair Kit

No one wants to wait for hours for other people’s rescue, so please learn as much about the ins and outs of your bike’s repair duties as possible, and take the basic tools with you with which you can fix minor problems like a puncture or the slight deformation of the body. You might want to consult with your local bike shop on the content of the box.

4. Glasses

yellow-bkie-glassBeing dazzled by the sunshine is frequently the source of many unwanted bike events, so it’s better to prevent them by wearing proper sunglasses. If you don’t like their re-colouring effect, wear at least clear glasses that protect your eyes from the wind and from insects. When it’s getting dark or when it’s foggy, the special yellow lenses do a great service to all bikers.

5. A Cycling Top or Body Armour

under-armourAlthough it’s not necessary to wear complete body armour and wrap yourself into a padded suit from head to toe, if you want to do trekking seriously, there will surely be a point when you feel you desperately need a whole-body suit. Your apparel should certainly be waterproof and protect you from wind as much as possible, and given the upcoming winter colds it’s hard to imagine that our regular multi-layered apparel could be perfect for these without encumbering your movements. They simply cannot be as tight as just one layer of clothing. And they are not soft and padded enough for long trekking tours. Armour like you’d imagine for a motor racer looks strange at first, but they are certainly worth a try.

6. Protective Pads for Your Wrists, Elbows, Ankles, Shins and Knees

knee-padsAs we’ve just stated, padding is a key word when thinking about MTB apparel. Since you have to sit for a long time, and the possibility of accidents is also relatively high, it makes sense to create a puffer zone between you and your environment. If you decide not to wear padded clothes, make sure that at least your most sensitive parts are properly looked after.

7. Hydration Pack

camelbak-charge-10lr-2l-hydration-pack-black-CM62269Why stop on your great journey for a drink when you can sip from your pack at any time? Get a trendy hydration pack that keeps you in form, especially if you sip some isometric drink that restores the level of minerals in your organism.

Have you ticked the items you’ve already got, and made a list of those still missing? We wish you a pleasant preparation for your MTB season – and an even more pleasant biking experience thanks to your upgraded gear.

July 14, 2016


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